What are you teaching your kids?

I just received another excellent email from Simon Black at Sovereign Man. The more I watch the news about the giant morass the world economy is sinking into with the full complicity and collusion of governments everywhere, the more I appreciate the rational things he’s saying.

Today’s post was very thought-provoking. What do people tell their kids about money nowadays? What does it really matter, since everything that used to be true about finances and money are now being thrown out–indeed, being turned completely on their heads. As I sit here at my computer keyboard watching my equity and savings melting away before my very eyes, how am I supposed to believe anything that the world’s bankers and politicians tell me (in between their lavish vacations and multi-course gourmet meals)?

I think this section of his post really hits the hardest:

I have to imagine that any child watching the goings-on of American politics would conclude that:

– debt is wealth
– living beyond your means is completely sustainable
– if anyone tells you otherwise, denounce their mathematical errors
– if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying the same thing over and over
– working hard and saving money is bad
– spending money and not working is good
– if you have a problem, the government will bail you out
– people are entitled to things that they didn’t work for
– no one should be held accountable for the consequences of the risks they take
– it’s not illegal if the government does it
– despite what our eyes and ears tell us, inflation is not a concern
– everything is going to be OK simply because the government says so

Herein lies the tragedy that is going to engulf us all very soon. I’m sure we will shortly see London-esque rioting and criminality on our own shores.

Do yourself a favor and go read the entire post here.

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