Catching up from Last Week

Hello again!

I had quite a lot going on last week, so fell off the blogging wagon, so to speak. I’m starting Monday off fresh by recapping a few of the things I did and some updates on what’s going on.

First off was my trip to the Orthopedic surgeon following my MRI results. The bottom line is that the ACL tear is apparently too insignificant to worry about right now and might mend itself. The meniscus tear, however, is real and the only true way to fix it is with surgery. However, while I save up for those costs and will hopefully schedule it for the end of this year, the doctor suggested I could try cortisone injections and/or physical therapy to alleviate the pain and strengthen the surrounding muscles in the meantime. I’ll probably be starting that very soon.

Weight loss for last week was just over 2 pounds–yahoo! I’m slowly moving in the right direction.

Last week was the final chance to watch the classic anime Nobody’s Boy Remi on Anime News Networks’ streaming service; their license expired Saturday.

A true classic that deserves to be seen...

What an incredibly moving show. It took a lot out of me as I spent the week marathon-viewing all 51 episodes, and I’m glad I had my box of tissues handy–it was an emotional roller-coaster. Based on the novel Sans Famille (or Nobody’s Boy in English) by Hector Malot, it is probably the ultimate in heart-wrenching tales of a poor boy’s trials in life until he ultimately sees all his trouble and sacrifice rewarded in the end. I honestly think that I cried at some point during every single one of those 51 episodes from joy or sadness–or both. Unfortunately, at the moment you can’t legally find it to watch–a true shame, I think. (There was one hopeful blog post from Justin Sevakis on ANN that as they move their streaming to Hulu, he will “strongly suggest” that license owner TMS put it up there for people to continue to enjoy. Fingers crossed…)

In 2007 ImaginAsian entertainment released the series on print-on-demand DVDs and I had been purchasing them. But I screwed up and missed discs 5, 6 and 8, though fortunately have the others and the series case. ImaginAsian and their novel Print-on-demand releasing are now defunct and even secondhand copies seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. If anyone reading this knows where I can find either the three discs I’m missing or a complete set, PLEASE let me know. I’m definitely going to have to write up a review someday.

So there you go–all caught up. I’ll try to sit down and put some intelligent stuff up here again during the week. I’ve got several reviews in the works, just gotta get around to finishing them…

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