My Neighbor, Steve Jobs

This is an absolutely wonderful little blog post apparently from one of Steve’s neighbors in Palo Alto. It gives a lot more quiet insight into a man whose private life seems to have been truly private.

While Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal and CNET continue to drone on about the impact of the Steve Jobs era,  I won’t be pondering the MacBook Air I write on or the iPhone I talk on. I will think of the day I saw him at his son’s high school graduation. There Steve stood, tears streaming down his cheeks, his smile wide and proud, as his son received his diploma and walked on into his own bright future leaving behind a good man and a good father who can be sure of the rightness of this, perhaps his most important legacy of all.

He may have changed the world for the rest of us, but these kinds of experiences are what those closest to him will forever remember with the greatest fondness.

Read the entire article here at Lisen’s “Blog” – An Angle of PrismWork.

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