And Now, A Word From Charles

So here we are in a nutshell: why His Oneness Obama should never be re-elected…

“I think if the mandate is struck down, it helps him perhaps because the issue of Obamacare will be moot, and we know how unpopular it is. There was an election on Tuesday, a vote on Tuesday in Ohio where the mandate was on the ballot and it was opposed by margin of 31 points.

But I think in the perverse way it would really hurt him, and the reason is he is running against a do-nothing Congress. The Republicans would run against a do-nothing administration, a year-and-a-half spent on a bill that was in the end unconstitutional, $1 trillion on stimulus that left increased unemployment by 2 million and an economy stagnant, and lastly financial reform leaving us in a position where our financial institutions today are hanging by a thread. Are these his accomplishments?”

— Charles Krauthammer on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

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