Terror on your Doorstep, provided by our Own Federal Government

Some frightening food for thought from Charlie’s Blog this morning. I never thought I’d live to see this day, but the really terrifying thing is that everyone in this country is just sitting around letting it happen. We will soon reap what we’ve been sowing for the past couple of decades, and that’s why I want out:


The two senators I despise most right now are Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Those two fasctards [his invented word for “Fascist Retards”–dpk] …are desperate to eradicate what is left of freedom here in the USA. Let’s face it, folks. The terrorists have won. When people sworn to uphold the Constitution turn around and shred it, how is this not a triumph for evil and tyranny? We’re clearly sliding down that slippery slope at an unprecedented rate. What’s next? Are we going to abolish the judicial system? And where is the Supreme Court in all of this?

I don’t fear al Qaeda. I fear my own government. I fear those goddamn politicians who can decide on a whim that I am a threat and have me incarcerated without due process. It just boggles the mind that this once great nation has descended to this point. I have to wonder why the USSR ever bothered with nukes when all it took to bring down American freedom was some box cutter knives.

I suppose that in truth I shouldn’t speak too loudly–no telling if under these new provisions being rammed through the Defense Budget bill some politician might get upset, label me a “terrorist” and have me thrown in the slammer.

And yet people here–epitomized by the OWS morons (using “people” here might be stretching it a bit)–want even more government…

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