Welcome, Year of the Dragon

My favorite part of New Year is getting up to see the first sunrise. For the last 4 years I’ve brewed up a thermos of green tea and headed to the parking lot at West Ranch High School here in Valencia because it’s a nice view.

As we head into 2012, let’s hope it brings only good things and some dissipation of the problems of last year (I thought the Year of the Rabbit was supposed to be a docile one…). I wish my friends and family both near and far all the best!

1 thought on “Welcome, Year of the Dragon

  1. I had hoped Year of the Rabbit would be docile as well, but alas. I like your New Year’s mascot – I think it’s better to live laughing than in misery, but for some reason it’s more work to laugh than cry. Let’s hope this year brings fun, exciting, profitable adventures!

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