Today’s Quote: Miss Minimalist

“In our quest to become minimalists, we want to reduce the amount of things in our homes that require our care and attention. Fortunately, we have ample opportunity to do so—simply by shifting some of our pleasures and activities into the public realm. In fact, such action produces a pretty wonderful side effect. For when we hang out in parks, museums, movie houses, and coffee shops—instead of trying to create similar experiences in our own homes—we become significantly more socially active and civically engaged. By breaking down the walls of stuff around us, we’re able to get out into the world and enjoy fresher, more direct, and more rewarding experiences.”

–Francine “Miss Minimalist” Jay from her book The Joy of Less

A rather longish quote, but packs a wallop. Even though I realized in hindsight what she points out was true, I hadn’t consciously thought about it. Much of our stuff comes from trying to recreate what once were “public” activities in our own homes. Those walls become pretty thick too, as I can personally attest…

Read her entire post from whence this quote came.

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