Long Time no Hear…

Unbelievably, my last bog post—a quote—was way back in October! But then again, it's that time of year when everything gets ridiculously busy followed by a few weeks of absolute quiet (I'm talking about work here). In addition, I had a fairly bad cold over Thanksgiving and lost my voice for almost two weeks; I'm still trying to get rid of that last little bit of it that's hanging on in my chest.

So what exactly have I been up to, you wonder? Well, pretty much the ususal. The exception was Anime Vegas over the Veterans Day weekend which was lots of fun (and lots of work) as usual. I'm proud to say that our annual Charity Auction—this year to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society—set a record at $6,019.00, nearly double last year's take. I had the chance to see old friends again and make some new ones, and as part of the Guest Relations staff it's always a blast meeting our visiting voice actors and others.

Another big thing that happened is that I'm exiting the market. on “Black Friday” I sold my last remaining shares in Amgen and have used the procedds to wipe out around 30% of my non-mortgage debt. I only have a couple of small mutual funds left to go before the end of the year. Why? I have very little faith in the economy, stock market or political situation in the country, especially following the disastrous presidential election results. It's only going to get worse, so cashing out while taxes are lower and market prices are reasonably high seems like a good idea. Paying down debt is helping to ease my mind and hopefully pave the way for other big plans in 2013. Next big project will be to start selling all my worldy possessions…

Finally, just yesterday I receive my Brydge+ keyboard for iPad and it has greatly simplified doing lots of text work on the go. In fact, I'm writing this post sitting at Egg Plantation in Newhall, CA, where I've just finished lunch. I'm attaching a quick photo below, but expect an actual review of this wondrous piece of technology in the not-too-distant future.


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