Today’s Quote: McFarland

“One thing recent history has shown, countries with nuclear weapons don’t get attacked (Pakistan). Countries which give up their nuclear weapons do (Libya and Iraq).

Kim may be young and inexperienced but he’s probably figured out that lesson.”

–K.T. McFarland

I read quotes like this and it only serves to reaffirm the clueless arrogance most Americans (and I’m not referring to K.T. McFarland here, but rather our populace at large) display on the topic: why is it that other countries wouldn’t want to obtain nuclear weapons to protect themselves from the nuclear-armed, 900-pound gorilla known as the United States of America? If we’d quit shoving other nations around when we have no business doing so, then perhaps they’d not have to waste their toil and treasure trying to get the bomb and we’d all be safer. This indictment also applies to the other nuclear “almost-superpowers” like Russia, China and–if we stretch the definition to the breaking point–the Euro countries with nukes.

No, I’m definitely not saying that it’s a good thing that the current despotic psycho of the Kim dynasty has laid his hands on the nuclear golden ticket, just that it’s a not inconceivable reaction to our decades of military adventurism and knuckle-headed foreign policy.

For years I’ve thought that the greatest blessing another country can receive is to simply be ignored by the US government. If the Americans just leave you alone then perhaps you can get on with your own life. In international relations–as well as our personal lives–what’s wrong with just minding our own business? Besides, just think of all the money we’d save…

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