I Was Once …

Another writing assignment at the Golden Pen Writers Guild. The assignment started with going around the room and each person beginning “I was once ….” The second half was filled in by the person sitting to the right. I’ve been reading a lot of ancient Greek and Roman classics lately, so I sorta went with that flavor. My writing prompt is revealed at the very end of this post …

I had a dream once.

I’d closed my eyes and lay floating on an unfamiliar sea.
I was pushed along by warm, gentle currents
until at length I bumped my head upon a beach.
I looked around and realized
the two great mounts on either side
were none other than the Pillars of Hercules.

Next thing I knew, I was walking along that sandy beach—
though more nearly hovered, such was the lightness of my step.
On past the ocean gate I floated
’til at last upon the edge of Deep-running Okeanos
I stood firm, allowing my feet to be slowly buried
in the sand piled up by gently lapping waves.

Beyond this mother of all streams and springs,
shrouded by the swirling mists of legend,
I just made out the shores of that quiet land
where the Walls of Tartaros begin, descending forever.

Laughing inwardly at this strange sight,
I closed my eyes and imagined
that I heard the voices of ancient storytellers
chanting well-worn verses to explain
everything that everyone should know
when standing in similar surrounds.

But then, I woke up lying in my bed
staring at the slowly turning ceiling fan.
Yet my mind could not shake off the feeling that
I was once at the edge of the world.

© 2014 Douglas P. Kendrick, all rights reserved.

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