Haiku/Tanka, August & September 2014

Footsteps crunch along
on a path of broken glass
in my worst nightmare

*     *     *

The pale moon yet hangs
In the bright blue sky above
Wooded mountain peaks;
Sentinel of ancient days
O’er the center of the world.

(Written on occasion of the Center of the World Festival, Pine Mountain Club, CA, August 16, 2014. It was about 11:00 AM as I was driving up the mountain, but the moon was still large and high in the sky.)

*     *     *

When do seasons change
In southern California?
One can hardly tell.
But we natives know the signs,
Subtler than in other states.

*     *     *

Looking at the sky
Pondering today’s sunset
Fading now to pink,
A warming glow falls ’round me
As the day comes to its close.

*     *     *

© 2014 Douglas P. Kendrick, all rights reserved.

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