An Autumn Evening — A Poem

A recent challenge at the Golden Pen Writers Guild was to write something in a style or genre that you’re not used to. For me, that’s rhyming poetry — I just can’t get onboard with it. The particular form I used (not sure what it’s formally called; leave me a comment if you know) was something I found in Tolkien’s The Hobbit, believe it or not, and it seemed interesting to me. I guess it would be AAbbA? Whatever. I guess I don’t feel too bad about how it turned out either …

*   *   *

Across the field a shadow falls;
From far away a raven calls.
I cannot stay;
There’s not much day,
And fast approaching autumn squalls.

While high above the skies are gray
The freshening breezes make trees sway;
I hasten back
To my small shack
And end in peace my long workday.

I quickly down my haversack
And from it draw my evening snack.
Not much to eat —
A little treat,
While in my armchair I lay back.

In my small home far from the street,
My humble, cozy, warm retreat
I feel at peace —
All troubles cease
What more could make my life complete?


© MMXV Douglas P. Kendrick, All Rights Reserved.

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