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An Autumn Evening — A Poem

A recent challenge at the Golden Pen Writers Guild was to write something in a style or genre that you’re not used to. For me, that’s rhyming poetry — I just can’t get onboard with it. The particular form I used (not sure what it’s formally called; leave me a comment if you know) was something I found in Tolkien’s The Hobbit, believe it or not, and it seemed interesting to me. I guess it would be AAbbA? Whatever. I guess I don’t feel too bad about how it turned out either …

*   *   *

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Today’s Quote: Seneca


“A good man will do what he thinks it will be honorable for him to do, even if it involves toil; he will do it even if it involves harm to him; he will do it even if it involves peril; again, he will not do that which will be base, even if it brings him money, or pleasure or power. Nothing will deter him from that which is honorable, and nothing will tempt him into baseness.”

— Seneca, Epistle LXXVI: On Learning Wisdom in Old Age

Today’s Quote: Black


“Life is absolutely about the choice; we either define our realities by the choices we make, or our realities become defined by the choices that we don’t make — choices that others make for us.

That’s fundamentally what freedom is all about. Being free is a choice … one that’s backed up by small actions.”

— Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Tanka – Autumn – 秋

Now the light grows dim
Earlier than it once did
Only days ago;
Glowing beams that filter down
Warming, though the air feels crisp.

*   *   *

Ruby-red and gold,
Orange, yellow, russet brown,
Leaves from high above
Settle on the woodland floor
Like a rug of jeweled tones.

*   *   *

Smoke from burning leaves
Wafting through a bright, blue sky
Inky to the eyes
Now wakes up a different sense
By evoking scents of fall.

 © MMXV Douglas P. Kendrick, all rights reserved

Today’s Quote: Kondo


“Not every person you meet in life will become a close friend or lover. Some you will find hard to get along with or impossible to like. But these people, too, teach you the precious lesson of who you do like, so that you will appreciate those special people even more.”

— Marie Kondo, The life-changing magic of tidying up, p. 60

40-Word Challenge – October 2015

I love the peaceful feeling of floating down a river, lost in spiritual thoughts of nature, enjoying the autumn light. But on the anniversary of my first trek, I recalled circumventing an unexpected cascade—that left us screaming with laughter!

Here are the given words: love, light, peace, thoughts, nature, circumvent, cascade, laughter, scream, spiritual – Bonus: anniversary

©MMXV Douglas P. Kendrick. All rights reserved.