2 weeks, 4 days – 179.3

Numbers, numbers, numbers—a subject I generally loathe…

But these numbers have particular significance for me at the moment: The first set is how long I have until my half-century birthday;

The second number is how much I weighed when I stepped on the scale this morning!

Read on if you care to share my thoughts and excitement…

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A Great Day | Taking the First Step

Hello there, it’s been a while!

Actually, this post is going to be about yesterday, because it marked the start of my month “at liberty”. Last Friday was my last day of work at the place I’ve been for the past  3 1/2 years. I left, my choice, to begin a new journey of reinvention–something I’ve been alluding to here on my blog for the past several months. March will be used for many purposes as I prepare to move on in new directions.

Diet and exercise–who knew? 🙂 I’ve now officially lost over 20 pounds since the holidays, and I’m starting to feel really good about that. My annual physical is coming up in less than a month and my doctor will certainly be pleased. If I keep this up, I may even actually get back to the 160 pounds I’d set as a pie-in-the-sky goal well over a year ago–almost a pipe-dream, really.

Last weekend, I went to Bakersfield for the California State CIF High School Championship Wrestling Tournament and had an awesome time! Somehow it made me feel like there’s still good left in the world, (the bastards of the International Olympic Committee notwithstanding)…

Feeling in good health, good spirits and tasting freedom again, I went around most of the day yesterday with a big, stupid grin on my face. I haven’t felt so light and happy for ages, it seems. Eating my weekly lunch at Egg Plantation seemed tastier, my daily fitness walk seemed much more invigorating, the world seemed brighter and livelier somehow. I even ended the afternoon with a sharp new haircut–never underestimate the power of a good haircut.

But I’ll just close this for now–still with a big, stupid grin on my face–and say “stay tuned for further developments”.


For me, this is big news…

That’s what I weighed when I stepped on the scale this morning. It’s the first time I’ve weighed under 190 since January 2010. This means that my initial baby-steps back to proper diet and fitness are paying off. It means I lost 3.7 pounds this past week. If I could only keep it up until my birthday April 7th, then that would really be something.

Now it’s time to quicken my pace, lengthen my stride as it were–no more baby-steps. I need to start actually working out again and stop being reticent–or is it just lazy.

I’m thinking about writing up a longish post about what’s going on with me right now which will explain some of my rationale for this–what I’m calling my Mid-life Recalibration. I’m feeling pretty good about it all…

Last Year/This Year

I’ve never really been much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy. In fact, over the years I’ve become less and less goal oriented in general, other than for accomplishing a specific task.

Even still, I do have a habit of making up short lists of things I’d like to accomplish during the year–let’s see how I did for 2012 and what I have in mind for 2013…

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March 15th Quick Update


Just a quick update…

Saturday’s visit to Sunnylands was incredible–but by the time I got home I was wiped out. THEN I caught a cold. I’m mostly recovered now, so over this coming weekend I will write up a post about my adventure and include some photos.

I’ve also gotta get going on some anime reviews…



Surgery complete and I’m back home. It’s almost spooky…

  • I spent longer laying around bored in pre-op than I did in the surgery and post-op
  • I don’t even really need my crutches and have been able to walk and put weight on my leg right away
  • I’m REALLY hungry—Mom & Dad just left to pickup some lunch for us

Of course, I’ll bet that later this afternoon some of the “magic” will wear off and I’ll start feeling pain—but I have pills for that. If what’s happening so far is any indication, though, my recovery will be a breeze!

Fingers crossed…

Knee Repair Today!


Today is the big day: arthroscopic surgery to deal with the torn meniscus in my right knee.

I’m just about ready to walk over to the surgery center now since I’m supposed to arrive by 7:30 though the procedure isn’t scheduled until 9:00. And yes, I did say “walk over”—the surgery center is literally two blocks from my home and I loved the irony of walking over to get my knee surgery! My folks will be there later to pick me up.

I will keep everyone posted on developments, but don’t expect any difficulties…