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And the Results are in:


And the Results are in:

I had my annual physical this morning, and the official scale at the doctor’s office put me at 178 pounds. Exactly one year ago on this same date 2012, I weighed 204 pounds. This, of course, means I’ve lost 26 pounds! Most of that since January.

My doctor was effusive with his compliments and I have to say I’m quite proud of myself. Now I just need to keep it going—only 18 pounds ’til I hit my goal…


And now a quick, geeky post…

This morning at 6:51 AM, my new car clicked over to 10,000 miles. It was on the westbound 101 Freeway about 1/4 mile east of the Ventu Park exit. Seems rather appropriate that it happened just as I was about to turn off to go to Amgen.

Of course what’s really scary is that I only got my car on January 30th, so all those miles came in less than 4 months–and my 2-year lease spells out 20,000 per year. I may have an issue…

March 15th Quick Update


Just a quick update…

Saturday’s visit to Sunnylands was incredible–but by the time I got home I was wiped out. THEN I caught a cold. I’m mostly recovered now, so over this coming weekend I will write up a post about my adventure and include some photos.

I’ve also gotta get going on some anime reviews…



Surgery complete and I’m back home. It’s almost spooky…

  • I spent longer laying around bored in pre-op than I did in the surgery and post-op
  • I don’t even really need my crutches and have been able to walk and put weight on my leg right away
  • I’m REALLY hungry—Mom & Dad just left to pickup some lunch for us

Of course, I’ll bet that later this afternoon some of the “magic” will wear off and I’ll start feeling pain—but I have pills for that. If what’s happening so far is any indication, though, my recovery will be a breeze!

Fingers crossed…