Knee Repair Today!


Today is the big day: arthroscopic surgery to deal with the torn meniscus in my right knee.

I’m just about ready to walk over to the surgery center now since I’m supposed to arrive by 7:30 though the procedure isn’t scheduled until 9:00. And yes, I did say “walk over”—the surgery center is literally two blocks from my home and I loved the irony of walking over to get my knee surgery! My folks will be there later to pick me up.

I will keep everyone posted on developments, but don’t expect any difficulties…

New Domain


Work slowly begins on my blog/web transition.

First, this personal blog, as of December 15th, has its own domain:

At some point over the holidays, I will move everything from my dpkworldwide blog over here and then change that one into my business blog. It is also quite likely that I will finally make the leap from my past hosted website over to a WordPress-only platform (but I have to figure out how to keep all my legacy stuff intact, especially my 2006 & 2008 Japan blogs).

Stay tuned!



Yippee! My new iPhone 4S (Unlocked, Black, 64GB) has been delivered to the FedEx office near my house where it is being held for pickup. I’m now only a few hours away from finally having it in my hands!

MRI Results are in…


My doctor just called with my results: it IS a tear in my meniscus–and a tear in my ACL to boot. I’ll be referred to an orthopedic surgeon and get more details later, but it looks like it means surgery. Bad news? Hardly–at least I know what it is and how it can get fixed. Besides, I’ve done it before on the other leg in ’06.