Recycling for Japan

The day after the great Northern Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster happened, I was wondering what I could do to help. Believe me, I would love to have been able to pack my bags and fly there immediately to help in person but that proved to be impossible. Likewise, I was unable to write a big, fat check to one of the many excellent relief agencies since my finances are already pretty precarious as it is thanks to the Great Obama Depression.

Then it struck me: I could use my recycling/iTunes money! For over a year now, I have been recycling bottles and cans and converting that money into iTunes store credit. I saw that Apple swiftly put up a way to donate to the Japan relief effort through the Red Cross on the iTunes store, so there you go–rather than use this “free money” from recycling to buy stuff, I would donate it.

Well, this report is mostly for my many friends, coworkers and family members who have given me their recyclables since then. So far, I have made $37.30 to donate through iTunes. I just thought you’d like to know that I’ve been keeping a strict accounting and donating the money each time I hit a multiple of $10.00 (they have several set amounts to choose from).

I’m trying to think of how long I will do this–originally, it was to be through the end of April; now I’m thinking through the end of June. I may end up doing it for the rest of 2011 though…

Thank you so much for helping me help Japan!

FINALLY Viz does something right…

I’m so incredibly happy!

I found out yesterday that Viz has finally released my my all-time favorite anime, Hikaru no Go on the iTunes store! You can purchase each of the five, 15-episode seasons for $19.99 and–most importantly–get all 75 episodes with the well-done English dub. To my knowledge, some of these were never released or broadcast. I can finally enjoy the show in its entirety rather than being hung up at episode 45 right before Hikaru passes the Pro exam. You can also purchase each episode individually for $1.99 or rent for 99¢. This is some of the best anime news I’ve had in a long time! If you’re not an iTunes person, it’s also coming to The Playstation Network and Amazon VOD.

After Viz Media stopped releasing the show on DVD in 2008–even though it had already been dubbed and was more than halfway through (45 of 75 episodes)–I basically stopped supporting them: I canceled my subscriptions to their magazines, stopped buying their products, and sold many of the ones I owned (especially my Naruto and Inuyasha boxed sets). I’ve continued to purchase the Hikaru no Go manga volumes as they’ve come out but that was pretty much it (except I recently started purchasing the Cross Game manga too–it is so excellent that even a grudge couldn’t stop my buying it).

So now, I can begin to forgive. I will even begin singing their praises once they bring back and complete The Prince of Tennis, Full Moon, and Mär. While they’re at it, they can become my heroes if they start selling Inuyasha – The Final Act and Cross Game.

Maybe now they’ve learned their lesson and will support fans of their other properties–there’s more to anime than Bleach, Death Note and Naruto.