AK-47 Republic

In February 2012, The Bengal Club decided to embark on a campaign using the Peter Pig AK-47 Republic rules. We will be using the “old” version of the rules, i.e. the plastic comb-bound one that came before the 2009 AK-47 “Reloaded” perfect-bound version.

Designed to cover the myriad conflicts in Africa from the 1950s to the present day, each player will run his own made-up country. I have the privilege of running the République du Maio, a Representational Republic with a hereditary King as head-of-state (click the link to see where my fevered imagination has gone in creating my “kingdom”…)

Stand by for more information as the countries are developed and the campaign gets rolling!


On Friday, March 2nd, The Bengal Club will kickoff this campaign with a few “Boot Camp” training battles. Everyone has been getting their countries, armies and organizations together and I think this is going to be fun. Not sure yet where people’s information will reside, but you may see more related pages here.