Guess that answers THAT question…

This morning’s email brought me the news I wanted: Apple updated their PowerBook line. I’ve already ordered…

I guess I didn’t really need to go on and on about whether or not the 17″ PowerBook was meeting my needs. I was trying to get some entries in here to get this blog going, though.

Anyway, at the Apple Expo 2003 in Paris, they announced some changes to the PowerBook line. Among them were an all-new Aluminum 15″ model plus the kinds of feature bumps that made the 12″ compelling enough for me to place my order: UBS 2.0, DVI support, 1 GHz processor, bigger HD, RAM expandable up to 1.25 GB.

So what was I to do? I entered my order online this morning and hope to have my new baby within 1-2 weeks (according to the Apple website, anyway). I know that I’m notoriously fickle with my computer purchases, and after January’s Macworld Expo I’ll probably see something new I want, but such is life.

Anybody want to buy a used 17″ with 1 GB RAM, 60 GB HD and 2+ years left on the AppleCare warranty? Plus a cool case and some extras? I’ll be placing a eBay ad shortly…

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