Political football continues in California

The notoriously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has seen fit to disregard the will of the people on a politically expedient technicality.

I suppose we all should have seen it coming.

It’s bad enough that the recall election to oust our do-nothing, lying, worthless governor is such a circus, but now the Federal government feels the need to step in to prevent it being “unfair”. We supposedly are too stupid to figure out how punch-card ballots work, even though they seem to have been okay for the last 40 years we’ve been using them.

It’s so nice that Gray Davis has left-wing buddies in this court so that he can continue with his nasty, dirty campaigning, his obfuscation, his ruination of my home state. Partisan politics are so entrenched and blind in this state that I’m beginning to think that there will never, ever be consensus here ever again. Time to pack up and move, I think.

We have ourselves—and this myopic partisanship—to blame. How Davis was reelected is an absolute travesty: Democrats here will not vote for any Republican, ever , so they pulled the lever last fall for a man who took California from a multi-billion dollar budget surplus to a multi-billion dollar deficit in just over a year. His incredible inaction and lack of leadership drove one public utility to bankruptcy, led to the socialization of our power distribution infrastructure and left us with the lowest credit rating in the USA, unbelievable budget shortfalls and the specter of rising taxes and fees everywhere you look.

For example, last year’s registration for my car was $275.00. This year, it’s $663.00—nearly triple and for no other reason than the governor is attempting to cover his ass by pick-pocketing the citizens of California in any way he can. We’ll have a tax raise for sure, but it’ll be small (because tax hikes aren’t popular). But woe be to us all for these kinds of “hidden” taxes. It makes me absolutely sick.

The California constitution was amended to include the ability to recall elected officers as a result of the rampant corruption at the turn of the century when our state’s government was firmly in the back pocket of the Southern Pacific railroad. It is a safeguard and protection that allows us to remove corruption and incompetence when we see it. One Million Californians signed the petition to oust our idiot Governor, and now we’ll have to suffer through this uncertainty and political spectacle for potentially another six months.

I only hope and pray that the morons of the 9th Circuit can be overturned—either in the full Circuit or even the U.S. Supreme Court—so that we can get this over with.

If Gray Davis ever cared about this state at all, or had any leadership qualities, he’d accept responsibility for this tragedy and step down. Like that’s ever gonna happen…

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