Adventures of a major fan

I’m going to Chicago to meet two of my “Big Three” favorite authors at a book signing. Hooray for frequent flyer miles…

In the world of coming-of-age/coming-out novels, I have three favorite writers: Ron Donaghe, Mark (no relation) Kendrick and Mark Roeder. Ron’s “Uncle Sean” trilogy is some absolutely amazing writing; Mark K.’s “Desert Sons” and “Into This World We’re Thrown” seriously changed my life; and Mark R.’s “Gay Youth Chronicles” have created an entire world filled with new friends, compelling stories and powerful teachings.

Turns out that both Marks are having a joint book signing sponsored by their publisher iUniverse in Chicago next weekend. I’d just finished proofing Mark R.’s latest novel (“Summer of My Discontent”, just sent to the publisher this week—and I’m honored to say that he selected one of my ideas for the title) and was musing with him about how cool it would be to come to the signing so that I could meet them both in person.

A few minutes on the internet and a couple phone calls later and I’ve got a free ticket on United, a cheap motel and a car rental and will be going out for the weekend. COOL! I’ll also have ample chance to visit the town of Oak Park, Illinois made famous, of course, by architect Frank Lloyd Wright who I’ve always been nuts about. His home and studio are there and open for tours, and the neighborhoods are filled with his houses.

For those of you interested in the particulars, the book signing will be held from 2:00–4:00 PM on Saturday, September 27, 2003 in Chicago at the Gerber/Hart Library located at 1127 W. Granville Av. Additionally, author Josh Thomas (whose books I’ve not yet read) will be there too.

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