Something completely different…

Today, I got my first—and last—piercing. It was a piece of cake.

It was pretty cool, and something that most people I know would never think I was capable of doing. The amount of pain I’d been imagining would come with getting pierced just didn’t materialize—just a little stick and about 1/2 second of pain. Then I sort of felt a tingling or itching for a couple hours and that was that. It was far worse getting my braces tightened when I went to the orthodontist as a kid! It should be “officially” healed in 8 weeks or so, but right now it’s a bit black and blue and just the tiniest bit swollen. I’m totally glad I did it, though.

I’m not going to write much more about it here, but may end up posting my story on later—that’s where I did all my research and studying before getting it done. Some of the things there are downright terrifying (oh the things people will actually do to themselves…), but it’s a goldmine of information.

I’m just glad mom & dad aren’t on the internet and in the habit of reading this—they’d probably freak…

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