Finally—web authoring that even I can understand

On the CD-ROM that came with the October 2003 edition of MacAddict magazine was a 15-day trial of Freeway Express by Softpress. I think I’m in love!

I’m a web tinkerer. My gung-ho-ness comes and goes, depending on how much time I’ve got, what I’m interested in at the moment and whether or not it’s worth it for me to sit down and pound out what I want on the computer.

Our official web authoring suite at my company is Macromedia DreamWeaver, so I went ahead and bought it for my Mac as well. No, I didn’t just buy it, I BOUGHT it—we’re talkin’ the entire StudioMX Suite. It cost quite a bit, but I thought it was worth it.

Well, I love Fireworks—I do all my web graphics prep in there, only occasionally jumping out to Adobe Photoshop Elements. But the rest of the suite has turned out to be disappointing. Not because of the tools, but because of me—the learning curve is just too steep and I’ve got neither the time nor the patience. I think I’ve opened Flash exactly twice, mostly to make sure it installed correctly. Now, Macromedia has seen fit to upgrade everything—for, like, $400.00! That’s way too much for tools I don’t use.

Now imagine my delight at finding Freeway Express by Softpress . I basically installed it and have been intuitively rebuilding my personal website with almost no learning curve. The coolest thing about it vs. DreamWeaver is that all I need to do is drag my stuff onto the page, lay it out the way I want and Freeway Express does all the hard work creating HTML and converting graphics. It’s awesome!

I was able to effortlessly master—yes, you heard me right, effortlessly—rollovers and disjoint rollovers after about 10 minutes of reading the manual and tinkering around. I created my master pages with the navigation items and whatnot, and creating a new page is about as easy as tearing off a new sheet of paper from a notepad. This program really is that good…

So if you’re motivationally or techno-geekically challenged like I am, RUN out now and either get the trial in MacAddict or download it from Softpress’ site (link above). Once my 15-day trial (with full functionality, I might add) wears off, I’m going to immediately plunk down a very reasonable $89.00 for a license.

Sure beats that “bargain” Macromedia upgrade price!

Look for my revised websites soon…

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