Just right

I received my much-anticipated 12″ PowerBook yesterday, and I’m already loving it. Except…

After a one-week delay from the projected ship date, I finally received my new 12″ PB direct from the Taiwan factory via FedEx. There’s something special—almost sensual—about opening up a brand-new mac, smelling that “new computer” smell, carefully un-plasticing the various parts, leafing through the manual. I promised myself I’d only take a quick glance at work and save the setup for home.

I took some time to search the Apple website to find the easiest way of transferring my data and user account/preferences from my 17″ PB, and there was a wonderful support article that talked about how to do it. It was also my first time dealing with the root user and command line in OS X, but it turned out to be painless—as well as incredibly fast—to get everything squared away. After following the procedure, everything worked just as it had on my 17. I didn’t have to poke around all over everywhere redoing preferences and such. Pretty cool! All I had to do was reinstall my applications, which was not really that onerous. I completed everything in a couple of hours.

My only “except” is that it will take a bit more getting used to the smaller screen real estate. Once I finally get the Apple ADC/DVI adapter (the last piece missing from my order and not due to ship until early November), I’ll be able to plug into the 17″ flat panel monitor I bought which should fix things for me when I’m at home.

I’m still glad I did it, because the 12″ is a much more convenient form factor for the kinds of things that I do with my computer. I’m going to list the 17 on eBay within the next couple of days.

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