California goes to the polls

I went to my polling place this morning at 7:20 AM—I’ve never seen so many people out voting in my entire life. Maybe we should recall the Governor more often if it means people get out and vote.

I have to admit that I was absolutely delighted to go and pull the lever—or, more accurately, punch the card—to throw Gray Doofus out of office. I was equally excited to punch candidate number 50, Arnold Schwarzenegger, onto my card. The pollsters are saying everything from “He’s outta there” to “it’s too close to call”, though most acknowledge that Arnold is the leading replacement candidate. I’m just hoping to wake up tomorrow knowing that democracy works, and that the people have the right and responsibility to remove from office their elected officials who are not performing. One of the guys I worked with doesn’t understand this concept, and in fact didn’t vote at all as a “protest”. Fine—more chance for the recall to succeed.

The other thing I’m anxiously awaiting is for Governor Schwarzenegger to repeal the auto registration fee hike with a stroke of the pen—mine’s due on October 24th, and I’d sure appreciate not having to cough up $663.00 in the next two weeks. Call it “enlightened self-interest” It’s not my job to bail out the state of California by shelling out three times what I normally do to register my car. Let Gray Davis take it out of his outrageous campaign war chest—let him start paying for some of the damage he caused.

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