On Arnold’s alleged misconduct with women

Another pet peeve of mine that I of course have not seen in the mainstream media: is the allegedly womanizing Arnold Schwarzenegger fit to be Governor of California? Yep…

To some, the late-campaign allegations probably seem damning and shocking. For us in California, though, it’s exactly the type of dirty campaigning that Gray Davis has committed over and over to help prop himself up for the past 30 years in California politics. There’s nothing new about it at all.

I was getting my haircut yesterday and my usual stylist (whose name is Page) said something that’s probably so true (and I paraphrase). “You just know that all those women used to sit around at parties and whisper to their friends ‘Guess what! Arnold touched me and it was so cool!’ Why didn’t they complain sooner instead of the week before the election?” Page is my kind of lady.

To me, that’s bang on the money. The knowledge of having been touched by a big star had probably always been something they were secretly proud of—if it even occurred at all—but never did any good for them. Now, however, they can make political hay and get their names all over the evening news—maybe get some big lawsuit money out of it. What bullshit…

I am not in any way condoning misconduct toward women or anyone else—everyone needs to be treated with a modicum of courtesy and respect. But by the same token, people need to realize that everyone’s got some skeletons in their closets. What does a last-minute smear campaign have to do with leadership or governing or trying to get the state of California out of its effective bankruptcy? Nothing—just more partisan political games.

For the rest of you, just remember this:

Does the fact that Arnold may have inappropriately had dealings with women mean that he’s not qualified to be a Republican candidate for governor? Maybe not—but it does make him the perfect candidate to be a Democratic President of the United States.

At least we haven’t had to endure stories about blowjobs under the Lincoln Desk, and it’s nice to know that Arnold seems to know the proper thing to do with a cigar, i.e. smoke it…

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