It’s a GREAT DAY for California! We’ve used the democratic process to remove an ineffective and dangerous politician from the Governorship and replaced him with someone who’ll hopefully get something done. I wish I could say the saga is over, but it’s only just beginning.


What a resounding message from the people of my state: 55% to recall Davis and 50% to elect Schwarzenegger—that’s more voting for Arnold than voted for keeping Davis. I was absolutely delighted with the result, and it just shows how sick we are of the outrageous politicking in Sacramento and how much we yearn to get something done. It also shows the electorate being fed up with politicians to the point that we’d put our faith behind a total outsider. However—isn’t that what populist American politics is all about? In the Jeffersonian ideal, statesmen should be regular people who serve for a time then return to private life—not career politicians whose only point in life is winning and keeping their phony–baloney jobs.

Of course, now we can look forward to the court challenges, the recalcitrant California legislature chock full of vindictive, left-wing obstructionists and the chaos ensuing from a no doubt cantankerous transition, despite what Gray Davis said in his concession. Everyone says they hope to put things behind them and move forward, but I’ll believe it when I see it. With such an extremist, diametrically opposed makeup of our political establishment, it’ll be a miracle. Of course with an election coming up next year and an angry population, I’m hoping that ineffective politicians will get something done for fear of being ousted themselves (which we should probably do anyway).

One of the best lines I’ve seen in the press coverage is that if it were constitutionally possible, we probably would have removed the entire legislature by recall as well as the governor. Sounds like a good idea to me…

Stay tuned!

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