Re-design of the re-design…

So I went through all the trouble of redesigning my website with this great new tool and get it looking good, but when I logged in from a stupid PC at the office, It looked like CRAP! So I had to go to another design that will hopefully ‘translate’ better. If everyone just used Macs…

So that made me more than a bit crabby. I had everything setup with basically the same ‘look’ but in different colors. Apparently, though, the formatting of those particular templates do not work out correctly when using that godforsaken, primitive browser called ‘Internet Explorer’ on a PC. This template (at least in the blue version with the starry sky) seems to have worked, so I’m switching over. Expect a few more days worth of frustration and venting though as I go through and clean it all up again.

Sheesh—it’d be nice if the visual world of the PC would catch up with MacOS X.

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