The next era of Macs has arrived!

Today was that watershed day of the year: Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld Expo San Francisco. We finally have our first Intel-based Macs!

Unlike past years, his keynote was not webcast live so I spent the morning ‘watching’ it during a live ‘blogcast’ provided by I’m telling you—I spent some of the LONGEST 60-second waits of my life!

It started off with the phenomenal figures around iPods and what they’ve done for Apple and the world. I was most impressed by the statistic that in the 4th Quarter of 2005, Apple actually sold over 100 iPods per minute—amazing! Also, of the 42 million iPods sold since introduced, 32 million of them were sold in 2005 alone. WOW!

They’ve upgraded both iLife and iWork, both including some nifty things including a web authoring suite in iLife—look out RapidWeaver? (And after I’d just bought it too…) I of course have already ordered them both online…

THEN we got to the first of the Intel macs: the existing iMacs with everything essentially the same—including the price—but with the new Dual Core processor; it’s now 2-3 x FASTER too! I’m sorely tempted by the 20″ one to become my secondary TV and media station for the bedroom.

But then the LONGEST 60-second pause after the correspondent wrote those fateful words “One more thing…” Steve then proceeded to announce the all-new MacBook Pro (goodbye ‘PowerBook’ moniker). Based roughly on the 15″ PB form factor, it’s better, stronger and FASTER (4-5x faster in fact)! It has a built-in iSight camera, supports FrontRow and comes with the Apple remote. I’m totally in LUST! It’ll probably be a matter of weeks before I order mine—they’re not due until February, so I’ve got some time.

Go visit the Apple Computer website for all the glorious details!

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