Off again, on again website…

Ever since switching over to my new website, I’ve been plagued by weird happenings. To hopefully fix it, I took my whole website down, deleted everything and let it sit for 24 hours on 1/22.

I think the problem came from too many confusing methods of creation: I’d originally done some pages using the .mac HomePage tool, some with RapidWeaver, some with Macromedia Contribute and some really old stuff with either Freeway Express or even other tools. Couple that with some initial experiments with Apple’s new iWeb program and revised site hosting architecture and no wonder there were difficulties! Oh yeah—and let’s not forget photo albums created from iPhoto…

So now everything’s back up, though still in its “under construction” stage. It really takes a lot of elbow-grease to get a site setup. However, compared with the bad-old-days, today’s new programs (like both RapidWeaver and iWeb) sure make it much easier to create and maintain web pages for a goof like myself.

So I apologize for my “disappearance”—it looks like it was a necessary evil…

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