No new photo…

Also, not really much to say either. We’re on the last leg of classes, yet we keep pressing forward with new things and new topics. I’ve nearly given up on even hoping to remember new things, and instead have been concentrating on the particular tasks at hand.

This afternoon we had a rehearsal for our speeches, and it went okay. Through the luck of the draw and a convenient trade, I’m speaking in the anchor position. I don’t mind being last at all—in fact, it’s kind of nice. I’ve made up my Keynote slide presentation, have my speech rehearsed and printed out (though not totally memorized), and I think I’ll be fine.

In the evening, I began packing up my three boxes to ship home. The one that’s all books is pretty heavy, so it’ll be taking the slow boat—literally—so I won’t go broke.

So tomorrow are the speeches, then a day of review and practice and Friday is our 20-30 minute oral exam with the teachers. They gave us a list of about 30 topics/questions that we can use or that may be asked. Then it’s all finished, and a week’s vacation awaits!

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