Everyone hold for pictures!

Today was the much anticipated—and much feared—speech delivery day. It wasn’t really a speech “contest”, but I can’t find a better word.

It really wasn’t as bad as I’d thought, although I don’t think I did that great of a job. I think people were most impressed by the automatic slide builds on my presentation slides than with anything I said. Still, I think I did okay, considering…

Everyone else did a great job too! It’s pretty tough giving an oral presentation in any foreign language to a roomful of native speakers. Luckily, all our CPs and teachers are the greatest and have a goodly amount of patience. Although I was sort of nervous, it was more of the “anticipatory” kind of nervous than the “fearful” kind.

That being completed, Kishi-sensei graciously helped setup my package pickup with the post office—there’s absolutely no way at all that I could have phoned them and done it myself. I took a quick trip to Kitaoji and the Vivere store to buy some wrapping paper and such so that I can get my presents ready.

Just two more days, then I’m off on my own…

[PS—check the Photos page for an album of pictures from the event.]

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