My iPhone Wish List

So, I’ve now had my iPhone for about two weeks, and it is quite simply the most exciting piece of technology I’ve had for a long time. It is the sort of thing that people merely dreamt about only a few years ago and something I’ve longed for for ages. It was well worth the money and having to break contracts and switch to a more expensive service plan.

However, there are five things that right off-the-bat I would like to have changed or added, in no particular order:

  1. Ability to view lyrics in iPod app – I have a lot of songs in Japanese that I listen to, and it sure would be nice to be able to access the lyrics since I went to the trouble of importing them.
  2. Ability to reorder lists in the Stocks and Weather apps – If you want to add new cities in Weather or new tickers in Stocks, they always go to the bottom of the list. It would sure be handy to be able to reorder or at least alphabetize them—right now you have to delete them and retype them to change the order.
  3. Access Tasks in Calendar – To me this is really a pain: there’s no way to access your iCal tasks on the Phone, making it useless as a way of tracking things I have to do. If not in the iPhone’s calendar app, then how about a separate dedicated app?
  4. Beef up the Calculator app – I’m not talking super-scientific go nuts here, but it would be really nice to at least have a % key. Something really good would be to include tip calculator and maybe foreign currency calculation functions. The world has advanced way beyond +-*/ only calculators (at least it’s got a memory function).
  5. Make the Notes app usable – This is probably the weakest app right now and needs to be so much more. First, the notes need to be able to be synced with my Mac and accessible from there. Having to edit everything on the phone and only being able to see it there is kinda a pain. Second, the ability to do minor formatting would be fantastic—I mean, I’m doing that right now in a browser window typing this Blog entry. Nothing fancy, just the standard text editor functions would be nice for things like numbered lists, Bold/Italic/Underline, etc.—I’m not asking for a word processor, since I don’t plan on writing my next novel in my phone. But formatting would be really helpful in having more organized documents. Finally, It would be nice to have a font other than the goofy one provided which looks something like the repulsive Comic Sans. Since iPhone is based on OS X, what would be the difficulty of porting TextEdit over? That’s all I’d really ever need. I have a feeling that some of these things might be addressed in Leopard from what I’ve seen on Apple’s website.

Other than those observations—which according to my layman’s perspective shouldn’t be too difficult to implement—I’m completely satisfied with how the software performs and how intuitive it is to use it all. Some of this might come out with the next revs of the iPhone software or with the advent of Leopard.

Actually, I almost feel sorry picking-nits like this since it’s such an amazing device. But there are my reasonable two-cents worth!

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