Apple’s Bluetooth earpiece for iPhone—COOL!

Amazingly, when I went to the Pasadena, CA Apple Store on Saturday, they actually had the BT earpieces in stock. I bought one, of course, and it really has to be the best one I’ve ever had.

The earpiece has essentially the same shape as the regular Apple earbuds, so it’s comfortable to wear. The body is black aluminum like the iPod Nano with only a single button on the end to answer/hang up calls. The microphone end also contains the charging pins which fit into the dock magnetically like the MacBook power adapters—very smart! The good part is that you get BOTH the deluxe dock (charges both iPhone and earpiece simultaneously) and the travel cable in the box. And it’s in a beautiful, sturdy box just like the iPhone itself.

It’s very comfortable to wear, it’s easy to hear (because the earpiece actually sits in your ear like headphones) and it’s so lightweight you forget it’s even there. There was absolutely no trouble pairing either: you simply place both the iPhone and the earpiece in the dock and—ba-da-bing—you’re good to go. Just another piece of gorgeous design and engineering from Apple’s masters!

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