Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Oh please…

So spreading the big lie long enough wins you the big prize, doesn’t it?

First off, I can’t get past this simply because it’s Al Gore. Mr. Wooden Personality. Mr. “Limousine Liberal”. Mr. “Holier-than-thou”. When he stops jet-setting around the world in environment-destroying airliners to hobnob with the mega rich with guilty consciences, and driving around in gas-guzzling armored limousines and drives a Prius (like his son does—at astounding speeds and possessing controlled substances), then maybe I’d give one.

Second, yes, I do believe there is some climate change going on and it’s likely influenced by humans. But the world will take care of itself and if each person (note person and NOT government or corporation or NGO or committee or other construct) learns how to moderate his consumption, things will be just fine. I myself have no power to change the planet’s temperature by even a fraction of a degree, but there’s also no sense in my being wasteful or wantonly destructive—you know, like liberal media celebrities, politicians and intelligentsia do in real life while spouting their nonsense out the other sides of their mouths.

But what really chaps me is that now Algore is numbered in the ranks with real Peace Prize winners like Theodore Roosevelt (you know, the guy who negotiated the settlement to the Russo-Japanese War and my favorite president) or Henri Dunant (founder of the International Red Cross). Of course, I can’t really be too severe considering the list of laureates is littered with the lesser-deserving and controversial.

Ah well—it’s just some silly award anyway. And a bully-pulpit for idiots. And a sackload of money. Everything that’s wrong with the world…

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