First Day, New Job!

Today I began one month of training for my new position at Princess Cruises. I’m going to work in their call center.

Huh?! Where’d that come from?

Well, while I’ve throughly enjoyed my time at leisure after leaving Amgen, the money doesn’t last forever. I decided to take a job to help defray some of my expenses while I continue working on things like my voice work. Ergo, the Princess Cruises gig.

And did I mention that they’re literally right across the street and I have a commute of about 200 yards? That’s probably one of the biggest fringe benefits. That and 50%+ discounts on cruises…

Anyway, I think it’s going to be an interesting job, though I intend on moving elsewhere in the company after my first 6 months are up. Like into their large and excellent training organization—or even shipboard (though that would negate the 200-yard commute benefit). The company is really good to work for and it’s both travel and education related—two of my passions. I’ll keep you posted!

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