Fire On The Hills

It’s been one heck of a month…

As if the I-5 truck tunnel disaster wasn’t enough, now we’re in the midst of our usual October fire season. But this year’s a doozie. Sunday the Castaic fire started in the morning. By the afternoon and evening, there was another fire in Agua Dulce that spread by nightfall for about 20 miles up into and around Canyon Country.

Mandatory evacuations. Choking smoke. Lots of uncertainty. It’s pretty bad.

Then late this afternoon, yet another fire in the valley started around Magic Mountain and has been burning up to and around Stevenson Ranch. The Castaic fire has burned west towards Piru and down to the 126. They’re worrying that these fires will join up into a mega-fire—burn towards Simi Valley and Porter Ranch. They even told us to go home early from training class, and due to the road closures I was forced to miss my last, important voice acting class.

What a pain. But at least I’m safe and not in danger of losing my home. More than I can say for dozens of others in the valley here. And many more throughout the state too…

And then there’s a Big Bear fire, a Malibu fire, a San Diego fire (with 300,000 evacuated so far)—what’s next? Hopefully things will be under control quickly and that whoever started these fires (some are definitely arson) will burn in similar fires in hell for the rest of eternity for what devastation they’ve caused.

1 thought on “Fire On The Hills

  1. I know, the smoky air here at UCI is pretty bad too…I was surprised they didn’t cancel classes yesterday considering a lot of other colleges have been evacuated/had classes canceled. I came home on Sunday but I heard that ash was raining down really bad that day in Irvine (guess I sensed it was right to come home!) It sucks that you missed your last voice acting class but at least you and your home are safe. The air is still pretty stifling here today but hopefully it’ll get better (I’ve been using a cloth to ventilate my breathing when I’m outside XP)

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