LAST In My Class?!

Actually, that’s not really as ominous as it sounds.

Knowledge wise, I feel quite good about my work. I’ve scored 100 on almost every quiz we’ve taken—I only slipped up twice with a 95 and 96 and also only a 99 on the midterm. The final is tomorrow and while I expect it to be a challenge, I think I’ll be fine. It’s not exactly rocket science we’re talking about and as long as you are methodical and have some attention to detail, it’s easy.

The last part was when we drew for seniority. Since people are hired as a group on the same date, in order to establish seniority in the company, everyone draws numbers out of a hat. I drew 28 of 28. It’s mostly important to full-time staff because they can select their shifts based on this seniority number; since I’m part-time, I actually already knew my schedule (Sunday 0600-1430, Monday-Wednesday 0500-1400). It was still a bit of a shock and I suppose could affect me as I continue my career with Princess. Oh well…

Also, the other day the manager of the Direct Desk and Cruise Vacation Planning departments came into our class and explained what they do. They too are call centers, but primarily deal directly with passengers rather than with travel agents. the CVP group are the ones who actually call out to passengers expressing interest in cruising through brochure order, website forms, etc. I decided to apply for CVP because I think it’d suit my skills and personality better. The starting wage is actually a bit higher than I’m at in reservations, plus they actually pay commission on cruises booked above and beyond salary. I’m hoping to hear back from them for an interview.

Of course, a drawback is that they are located in the new Gateway Plaza buildings up near the 5 freeway, so my commute would be extended tenfold—that is, just over a mile. I’d have to start riding my bike to work. I’ll be sure to let you know how my final goes, then it’s actually up to the reservations floor to take calls starting next week!

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