Final Exam

So, yesterday was our final exam in class. Seems weird since we still have two more weeks of training, but oh well. I guess it’s because starting Tuesday, we’re actually answering calls—yikes! So the rest of our time is really OJT.

Anyway, the test was in two parts: written and practical (i.e. inside the reservations system). I’m happy to report that I got 100% on the written portion! The practical won’t be as good, though, because I know I missed a couple of things. It’s kind of tough in a simulation-type test having to play the part of both sides of the conversation and still remember to get everything in. I’m certain I’ll pass, though.

Last night’s gaming didn’t come off at all, so I spent the evening at home after getting back a bit late from an errand I had to do anyway. Gave me a chance to relax and sleep in.

Then—as if to add insult to injury—this morning, it actually rained here. Oh sure, Monday the whole valley is burning to a crisp and now we get rain.

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