Renaissance at Dave’s

Last night we took a field trip of sorts to play renaissance at Dave Lynch’s place. It’s the first time I’ve seen him in years—and the first time I’ve seen his completely gutted and rebuilt home in the Hollywood Hills. It was completely different than before, and quite nice, though not my particular aesthetic (now that I’ve gotten into the whole modern-meets-Japanese-zen-like-influence thing).

Matt, Mike and I carpooled down together and Dow met us there for a long-ish “Guest Appearance”. We re-fought the Battle of Pavia using an interesting map based pre-game…um…game before we finally got to the tabletop and used DBR. Matt and I were the Spanish Imperialists, and I ended up on our left flank with two Tercios facing off a great gob-wad of Swiss pike. Due to great dice luck for me (and Dow-like poor luck for Mike) I ended up wiping out half the Swiss pikes and breaking Mike’s command by shooting alone. I know he’s going to get his revenge on the tennis court next Tuesday…

The castle and Imperialist right flank was a bit more tenuous, but the game was called in our favor because going on any further would’ve taken forever. If renaissance games always went this well for me, perhaps I’d not detest the period so much. But alas, there’s too long a history there…

Here’s a couple of photos from the game:
The Initial Imperialist deployment in search of the French King—is he in the castle? Nope.

My gallant Spanish Tercios right after shooting the snot out of the Swiss and breaking their command.

Near the end of the game, Imperialist pike await their comeuppance from the advancing French—but the game was called (neener-neener!).

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