Sailing Off into the Sunset…

Well, today was my last day at Princess Cruises.

“WOW! That was fast”, you might say.
Yes, it was indeed. I enjoyed myself there and it is indeed a good company to work for, but the world of a Call Center Rep just wasn’t for me. My object for working there—to get “on the inside” and find a position in their training department—turned out to be an impossibility. It didn’t look like there would be any positions in that group anytime in the near future.
So, on my first day back of the new year (January 2nd) I handed in my resignation. I must say it came as a slight shock to my supervisor—who was in point of fact transitioning to a new position herself. My replacement supervisor was out on extended vacation, and I actually didn’t meet her until today—and ended up knowing her for less than an 8-hour shift!
The people I worked with there were great, and I’m kind of sad to be departing so quickly, but that’s life. Hopefully our paths will cross again in future.
I’ll now move onto other adventures that will bring me closer to the kind of career and life I envision.

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