I’m Going Back to Japan!

I’ve taken my placement test, submitted my application and mailed in my deposit check.

I’m going!

Yes, I’m very excited to have made this decision and am totally looking forward to another wonderful experience in the land of the rising sun. I certainly can use all the practice I can get at speaking Japanese.

The one BIG pain, though, is that there are NO available flights in June that I can get for free using my Virgin Atlantic frequent flyer miles. That means forking out around $1k for plane tickets that I would have liked to use for other purposes. I won’t be letting something like that hold me back, however.

I’ll probably make a few entries here and there as I get ready for the trip. But I will certainly be keeping my faithful daily journal as I did in 2006—so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, it’s off to Little Tokyo tomorrow to find out about discount tickets and a Japan Rail pass..

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