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So I’ve been home from Japan for about two-and-a-half weeks now, but haven’t posted anything online to speak of. I need to remedy that, and resolve to blog more often.

The most interesting thing that happened after my return, is that I seem to have started losing weight. I’ve lost a little every day since I’ve been home except one (that is, before last night’s food-orgy at the Rat’s Lair in lieu of wargames night—I’m still refusing to acknowledge what the scale said this morning and will only enter my weight later tonight after a bike ride, workout, and less eating…). This is a good sign (the weight loss, I mean). I really need to do something to keep it going.

The previous couple of entries I actually wrote today about earlier events. I shouldn’t do that, but there you are. I’m spending the rest of the day inside working around the house, on the computer and WILL FOR SURE get some eBay items up in my store. I rode my bike for about 45 minutes today and will go down and use the gym—for the first time since I moved in here. Gotta make up for last night’s indiscretion.

So stay tuned for better blogging (yeah right—how many times have i said THAT…)

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