Random Stuff

The problem with me blogging at home versus blogging when I was in Japan, is that my regular life isn’t really…all that interesting.

I’ve been trying to find work (not particularly successfully yet), do stuff on the computer, get on a regular weight loss/fitness routine and that’s kind of it. I’m still not over the post-KJapan malaise yet, though it’s not nearly as pronounced as it was two years ago. In my head I’m all for selling everything, packing up and moving there, but the “anchors” are already there and that—coupled with my general laziness—are making progress really slow and almost purely academic at this point.

Yesterday was kind of fun, though. I’d told my Mom & Dad about my new favorite restaurant (Cowboy Cantina out in Canyon Country), so they said they wanted to come out and give it a try. They did yesterday for lunch and brought Julie, Kyle and Jacob with them. Me and the boys went down to the pool and swam for a bit (believe it or not, it was the FIRST time I’ve been in my building’s pool since I moved in in December ‘06), played pool in the game room and then we all went to lunch. Afterwards, the kids played a bit on my PS3—it was fun. I told the boys that they should come and stay overnight sometime so we can work on building their train models I brought them from Japan. Maybe they can do it next week before school starts.

So other than that, my normal life slides by. Things should really change, though…

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