FINALLY! The 180-pound barrier broken!

Today, I’m ECSTATIC! After waking up and taking my 4-mile morning walk, I got home, weighed myself and was 179! This is the first time I’ve been under the 180 pound barrier in years! Obviously my weight loss/diet/exercise program is beginning to work. Now I’ve just got 30 more pounds to go. I was happy that—even after eating at McDonald’s for lunch in Vegas AND that chocolate shake on the way home—I didn’t gain any extra weight on my trip. Playing tennis with Mike last night also helped, I’m sure. Coming up a week from Saturday will be the adult swim coaching class I’m planning on starting. If I can take everyone’s advice to “take up swimming because it’ll be easier on your bad knee” and learn how to swim for real, then maybe I can get back in shape quicker.

So Victoria is home with me again. She really didn’t fatten up at all (I guess I was too optimistic for the 4 days). She seems happier and her eyes are brighter, so she’s feeling better. I still get to give her hydration IV’s for a few more days and finish dosing the Epogen. Beyond that, nobody from the vet said what to do next—guess I’ll have to give them another call later. Now that I’ve spent so much money and time on her, I hope it’ll be worth it and she’ll be happy and her sweet self again for a while.

I’ve GOT to find work. I did manage to sell a couple things on eBay while I was away, so that’s a tiny help, but I MUST find something very, very soon. I’m working on it as best I can, but have no leads yet. I’m going to spend the rest of this week searching and posting online, but then will probably sign up with the temp agency across the street. Even SOME money coming in is better than NONE. That, and I’ll continue posting eBay ads. And maybe following the next voice workshop I do, I can get something going in that direction as well…

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