This week’s musings

The biggest problem with keeping up a regular blog—or journal, for that matter—is that I don’t think my everyday life is particularly interesting at the moment. But here goes anyway…

So when I got up and went for my walk the other morning, I’d had this blister on my right heel and got another on my left heel. I’d bandaged and padded them up, but at about 1.5 miles out, I was in a lot of pain. I took off my socks to find that the bandages had slipped and torn off the loose skin—I had to walk back a mile and a half barefoot. I didn’t walk again until this morning, and did my 4+ miles in my flip-flops.

Speaking of walking, my usual route is just over 4 miles (about 4.2, actually) and I’ve been doing that every day. I’ve even done it twice in a day. The walking seems to be doing wonders in my weight loss program along with my moderation in diet and eating. FYI, I’m doing my eating based loosely on The Abs Diet, which is an interesting book. I just haven’t been able to get enthused about going to the gym (even though it’s only downstairs…sheesh) so I’m concentrating on simply being active and doing something that will turn up my fat-burning metabolism. A week from today, the Adult swim coaching class starts, and that’s what I plan to do going forward—swim. This morning I weighed 179.6 and my plan is to drop down to 150 by year’s end.

Victoria seems pretty lively, and she even played with me and some string today. She’s still way too skinny and doesn’t seem to be eating enough. I’m not sure what to do next…

Last night, due to a last-minute schedule change, I ended up hosting game night at my place. We played a few games of DBA with a variety of asian armies (the Mongols SUCK in DBA…) and generally socialized.

Finally, I happened across a link somewhere to a website specifically designed for journal writing. I’ve decided to start gathering up all my old journals and source materials that I can still find and transcribing them online to eventually be published in book form. The service is pretty cool and reasonably priced ($30.00/year + any book printing costs)—you should check it out:

So that’s it for my boring week. stay tuned with baited breath in case something even MORE interesting happens…

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