Wargaming and why I seldom write about it

I haven’t written much lately about my other big hobby, Miniature Wargaming. I still attend our weekly Friday night games at The Bengal Club pretty regularly and a few weeks ago I actually got especially enthused and spent quite a bit of time painting figures (almost an entire corps of Austrian Napoleonics in 15mm).

I guess I’m just not as interested in blogging about it. I think the biggest reason is that it would entail actual work on my part to craft up something interesting and provide all the required photos for it. Another might be that I have a lot of other interests and things on my mind and wargaming has started taking a backseat to them.

So I suppose more than any other topic I write about here, wargaming will be the most “hot and cold”–you may see a spurt of new stuff if I’m particularly gung-ho at the moment, but you’re more likely to hear the wind whistling through this category as it gets no love.

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