Living a “Haiku Life”

One of my favorite minimalist blogs that I read regularly is Miss Minimalist (it even holds one of the 5 coveted spots in my sidebar links). I really like the author’s take on being a minimalist and enjoy reading about her life as an expat.

Today, she posted a wonderful piece entitled “A Haiku Life” that I think is a must-read. I remember being fascinated as an elementary school child when I was taught about Haiku and have written them myself on-and-off over the years. I’ve used the “principle” of Haiku (simplicity, careful selection, limited size, attention to detail, etc.) in many endeavors in life. I think it’s an excellent standard to live and work by, and sums up the concept of “minimalism” very nicely.

I most appreciated her summary paragraph, which ties everything up perfectly (and better than I can, frankly):

In summary: a haiku life means being mindful of every possession, word, and action in our lives. It’s living lightly and gracefully, and celebrating beauty in everyday experience. By following the spirit of these exquisite little poems, our lives too can be sparkling jewels, full of meaning and with nothing superfluous.

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