Minimal Mac: Disruptive

With this week’s shocking news from HP that they’re leaving the PC business and the Tablet/Smartphone business, it’s a great time to be an Apple aficionado. Maybe HP is actually doing the right thing (albeit in a rather un-elegant way) by finally admitting that they shouldn’t be trying to compete on every platform at every level.

But this post isn’t as much about my position as it is about reblogging a brilliant post by Patrick Rhone from his Minimal Mac blog. I liked this quote, but there is so much more in the full post (linked at the bottom):

The iPad is causing such disruption in the PC business that HP, a company fundamental to the creation of the personal computer itself, is getting out of the PC business.

Wow. Just wow.

His main conclusion is that nobody can compete with Apple on the iPad front (and that they should just stop deluding themselves by calling it the “tablet” front) and instead should begin doing what Apple does: creating entire markets.

Dear Anyone Else Who Thinks They Have A Chance In The iPad Market,

You don’t. The iPad is the fire that sucked all the oxygen out of the room. Apple zigged and you guys are still trying to figure out what a zag is.

Apple did not beat you with the iPad. They beat you with the iPad market. A market they created out of the ashes of burning netbooks, low cost laptops, and PCs that no one really liked or wanted in the first place. There simply was no other option at the time available for them to buy otherwise. Apple created that option.

The whole post is really quite insightful, and not necessarily unabashed Apple fanboy-ism either. Read it all by clicking here.

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