Today’s Quote: Krauthammer

“What he has done [is] completely in contradiction to what he promised as a candidate in ’08. He institutionalized the permanent campaign. He’s out there raising money at the beginning of the second term when he ought to be here working on the budget, on sequester, and all these other issues. But now he is the essence of exactly the system that he denounced and he promised he would messianically redeem.”

–Charles Krauthammer speaking about the POTUS

Never mind the person or the party, this is what politics gets us. No matter who it is, the only thing they really want to do is hold onto their phony-baloney jobs for as long as possible–all while lining their pockets with as much other people’s money as they can get away with. As taxpayers, we are those “other people” and I for one am getting extremely tired of bending over and grabbing my ankles while the ruling class…ahem…grabs my wallet.

This is precisely why the older I get, the more Libertarian I become. Let us joyfully get rid of them all–or at least as many as humanly possible. I feel especially sad for the younger generations who are being sold down the river into tax slavery by–and am I the only one to see the bitter irony–the nation’s first black president and his cronies. After all, it’s the generation of my niece and nephews that are going to be stuck having to clean up following this destruction.

But then again, it’s the younger generation that has sown the seeds of their own future doom by allowing themselves to be fooled into voting these charlatans into office, lured by promises of their own share of other people’s money parceled out in dime-bags by the politcrits–whether for “free” healthcare, college tuition, legalized pot, gay marriage or any other cause célèbre.

I guess I was just in a mood today… 😉

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